The Costs

Club Costs

Membership to the club is £35 for the year or £20 for the semester. In the interest of complete clarity here is what that money goes towards:

£14.20(year) or £8.75(semester) per person – Membership to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) giving us:

  • Access to all the huts we stay in
  • Free and heavily subsidised courses
  • Liability insurance
  • Cheap holiday insurance

£20.80 – Club fund, for:

  • Upkeep of equipment (ropes, ice axes, crampons, tents, sleeping bags, harnesses etc) which can be borrowed by members free of charge.
  • Club socials including roped flat crawl, movie nights, talks by interesting people.
  • Upkeep of the climbing wall in the sports centre.
  • Transport overspend (this happens every year).

On top of this charges for weekend trips are:

  • £25-30 for weekend trips. This includes all transport, equipment and Friday and Saturday night accommodation. This does not include food but often people will club together another £2 or so each to make a big meal on the Saturday night.
  • £10-15 for a day trip. This includes all transport and use of equipment.

Sports Centre wall

All member should have the AU Sports Club Access Membership-£44 or Fitness+Membership-£44 for access to the sports centre wall. Once you have paid this fee and the club membership you can use the wall at either of the two sessions we run per week. More info on the AU website.

Avertical World

This is a much bigger climbing wall in Dundee which the club runs a trip to on Wednesday afternoons, but some people will also go more frequently. Cost are:

  • £9 per visit
  • £25 for a year membership card giving you a discount of £3 per time (ie if you are going to go more than 12 times in a year then this is worth buying)
  • £335 for a year full access. No additional charges.
  • £230 for a semester full access. No additional charges.
  • £60-£45 rolling monthly memberships
  • They will also charge you to hire a harness and shoes if you don’t have any. We can usually bring extras from the club store on Wednesday if you let us know you need one.
  • The bus from St Andrews to Dundee is £6.35 return. Sometimes someone with a car will drive and they may ask about £2 return for petrol money.

If this all seems a little scary please dont worry! You can come on as many or as little of our trips and wall sessions as you like. We have some members that just climb indoors, some that only go on the weekend trips, some that do it all and some that just seem to turn up in the pub…