Week 3 E-mail

Hi guys!

Welcome to week 3!
Firstly I would like to announce:

Photo competition:
We are looking to display 2 photographs of members climbing or hill walking at the Athletic Union. The winner of the competition will get their photograph enlarged and displayed for all to see. This looks great in a CV if you are interested in outdoor photography and journalism. The photograph must be of the highest quality.

I would like to thank everyone who have sent in their details. We hope you will receive a test date soon.

Social Media:
Join our facebook group and like our page to grab rides to Dundee, share buzfeed articles and find out the latest updates on socials and more.



Anyway. so here is what we have on this week:
Wednesday, 28th of September

Pub lunch, 1pm.
Trip sign up- Kirriemuir! 1st Oct, 8.30 am- 7.30 pm.
Kirrie Hill offers great sport climbing and is often sunny and heavenly warm.. (Not making any promises…). Other attractions includes the super mega awesome Peter Pan play park. It is club tradition we boulder on the pirate ship, even if it means pushing some unsuspecting 6-year olds out of the way. The Camera Obscura and historic town of Kirriemuir is also worth a look.

Why are the times so specific you ask? Because due to popular demand we have hired a coach to take us all to the location. This means plenty of spaces for all. We still suggest you get to the pub nice and early armed with your money. This trip costs 12£.
Inline images 1
Climbing in Dundee, Avertical World

Many members tend to head to Dundee after pub lunch. Avertical World has plenty of top-rope climbing, lead and bouldering for all levels. People either car-pool or take the bus.

Thursday. 29th of September
Pub Social! Brew co 8 pm. Great chance to meet fellow members and committee.

And finally,
Quote of the week:
“It’s always further than it looks.
It’s always taller than it looks.
And it’s always harder than it looks.” — The 3 rules of mountaineering.
+ for Scotland: It’s always moister than it looks.
See you guys on Wednesday!

Best wishes,


Week 2 E-mail

Hi guys!

 Welcome to week 2, here is what we have on this week:
 Wednesday, September 21st
Pub Lunch at Whey Pat, 1 pm.
  Come try the famous Whey Pat nachos and sign-up for  Spring Break trip to Kalymnos. If you have any more questions regarding the trip, feel free to email ac254. Note: you will still be able to sign up for the trip later in the year, however we are trying to ensure the cheapest possible arrangements. 
Unfortunately we have had to reschedule the weekend trip to Steall.  In the meantime we are accepting sign-ups for the Glenmore lodge course 

SMART STUDENT WEEKEND 5th & 6th November 2016

. I cannot stress enough how amazing these courses are: you can literally ask and learn anything about mountaineering. Not to mention the facilities are state of the art. 
Learn more about the upcoming Smart Student weekend here: http://www.mcofs.org.uk/safety-good-practice-seminar.asp
Sign ups for this will be held at pub lunch, however feel free to email hmd5 after this time to sign up online.
Note: priority will be given to freshers and  full-time students. We rely on these courses to help inspire the next generation of active members. We still encourage JSAs and JYAs to sign up, however we hope you understand how important it is for our club to pass down knowledge and skills.
 Climbing in Dundee
 Many members will be heading to the climbing center in Dundee after pub lunch. 
Thursday 22nd 
80’s social!       Our favorite social of the year. Triple denim encouraged. 80s themed. 
9 Dempster terrace at 8.30
And finally,
quote of the week (nothing to do with mountaineering)
– “Apparently, during the ‘80s, nobody really dressed like Madonna except for Madonna.”

― Gwen Hayes

Best wishes,
Social media: 

Weekly E-mail

Hi guys!
   Preparing the photo slideshow for the sports fayre has sparked some incredible memories. I can only wonder what the new year will have to offer.
 We can already foresee some challenges. Our old climbing wall is out of use while the new wall is being constructed. We are working on scheduling outdoor training sessions and subsidized trips to Dundee and Ratho.
 Our weekend trips, however, are still up and running. Sign-ups for our first trip to Glen Clova, will take place this Wednesday.
So here’s what’s on this week:
Wednesday, September 14th
Pub Lunch at Whey Pat, 1 pm.
  Come try the famous Whey Pat nachos and sign-up for Glen Clova, 18th of September. Glen Clova offers beautiful walks, bouldering and trad climbing. 
Note that our trips do sell out quickly, so please come early and armed with cash. The cost of this day trip is 10£. You can only attend the trip if you have purchased club membership. You can purchase it online at http://onlineshop.st-andrews.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=245&prodvarid=544
Climbing at Avertical World, Dundee  
After  pub lunch, people tend to head over to Dundee either by carpool or bus. Avertical World is definitely worth checking out, as it offers top-rope climbing, lead and bouldering. Do not worry if you have never climbed before, there will always be someone willing to teach.  
International Spring Break Trip Talk, 8 pm
 Our International Expeditions officer Alex will be presenting our international trip to Kalymnos. Pop by 1 Auld Burn road at 8 pm.  Check out this video about climbing in Kalymnos:
Thursday, September 15th
Social, Drouthy Neebors, 8pm. 
Come along and meet like-minded members and committee. You can only hope that Jacob doesn’t end up reading Rough and Ready.
Sunday, September 18th, Day Trip 
Our first day trip of the year! Once you sign up a detailed email with times and kit list will be sent out by Peter.
Driver Discounts and Perks! 
Our trips depend on student drivers and this is part of the reason we can keep them affordable. We ask that members who hold a driver licence complete the driver declaration form (attached) and send a copy of your driving license to transport@saints-sport.com.
Here are the perks of driving for us:
1. -70% on all trips
2. Guaranteed place on all trips you drive on
3. No need to endure my country music playlist
Here are some FAQ:
Q: Can I drive for the club with a foreign licence?
Q: I only drive automatic. Would I be able to hire an automatic car?
Q: I feel really unconformable driving a van. Would I be able to rent a 5-seater  car instead?
Q: I feel uncomfortable driving on the left. Will the roads we drive on be busy and complicated?
A: No, because of the nature of where we go we avoid busy city roads and complicated junctions. We tend to stick to single track country asphalt roads.
Thank you for bearing with me ( I promise, other emails will me shorter 😉
 Finally, quote of the week:
 “Bloody hell, I’m going to die to Boney M”
– Joe Simpson
See you soon!

Information wanted!

This photo of the club was found in the archives and we were wondering if anyone knew the story behind it. If you recognise any familiar faces or have any knowledge of the story, please contact mountaineering@saints-sport.com13566217_1244172655595532_479404419_n


St Andrews University Mountaineering Club Annual Report 2015-2016


1         A year of challenge, development and accomplishment

From the brick walls of the Athletic union to the limestone cliffs of France, St Andrews University Mountaineering Club pushed themselves towards mastering what Ernest Hemingway considers to be “one of the only three true sports”. Our first trip was scrambling up Ben Lomond, followed by a weekend in Glen Nevis. There, members completed challenging yet iconic routes such as Tower ridge and Castle ridge on Ben Nevis as well as The Ring of Steall which looms above the Glen. Later in the semester, STAUMC traveled to Glen Coe, where 7 people completed D Gully buttress (1), a classic route graded “severe”.  The club ended the calendar year on An Teallach (2), reminiscing about day trips to Dunkeld, Kirriemuir and slow dances at Adrenaline ball.

The life and works of Robert Burns were celebrated on Skye. After battling the wrath of the fairy pools and brutal coastal winds, the club completed The Spur. The next day STAUMC confirmed why the Inaccessible Pinnacle got its name, yet vow to return. The semester progressed with a member from the Scottish Mountaineering Council joining us in Glen Coe, teaching vital skills that young club members will pass down throughout their years in University. Furthermore, 6 members completed extensive mountaineering courses at the National Outdoor Training Centre, and 4 members now hold Outdoor First Aid certificates.

The CIC hut, a bothy on the foot of the infamous north face of Ben Nevis, always attracts the most intrepid and skilled members. Tower Ridge and other ambitious alpine and ice climbing routes were completed. Though, after a weekend of ice, snow, and axes, STAUMC invaded Sainte Victoire in the south of France and climbed on its world class sport climbing routes (3).

“The first few days were a rather humbling experience, I didn’t do particularly well partly because I was expecting the routes to be easier than they were and also because I was so out of practice, having last climbed outdoors with my bare hands (and not axes and crampons) in September” – Caelan

2         Looking back and moving toward

We ended our year in the far north of Scotland, sharing pies, whiskey and stories with alumni who have climbed and walked with our club for decades. It was both humbling and inspiring to witness the impact mountaineering had on every one of the alumni’s career and life choices. As we look forward to the new year, our club will now strive to not only maintain the adventure and ambitious nature of the sport, but to foster the sense of community and tradition that our alumni have valued since 1934.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 9.16.59 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 9.17.09 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 9.17.19 AM

Final e-mail of the year!

Hi guys!

  I hope everyone who came on the Dinner Meet had a great weekend! Without doubt, my favourite part was meeting our alumni- did you know that in the 80’s we were banned from the King’s House pub in Glencoe for 3 years after a Dinner Meet?
Also, that tossing the president into a frozen loch used to be the New Years eve tradition? Dunno if I’m bringing that one back.
Anyway, here are some important announcements:
1. Epic Major Gear Recall 5000
If you have ANY gear left please bring it to pub lunch on Wednesday from 1-2 pm. If you cannot make it please email tjms2 and arrange an alternative. We are in the processes of re-labelling and doing inventory so ALL gear must be returned without exception.
1.2. Also, please pay all standing debts at pub lunch 🙂
2. Driver incentives 2016/2017
The only way we can run successful trips is if we have AU drivers. There are many pros of being a driver, including:
1. You get 50% off all trips
2. You get to choose or heavily influence day trip locations and driving distance route choices on weekend trips
3. NEW! If you pass your AU drivers test for the first time this fall, membership for a year will only cost you 17£!
4. New!  As of next year even if you drive your personal car on a trip with our members you will get a 50% discount on the trip
You will be receiving another reminder closer to September.
3.  A New Hope
 Next year we are promised a new climbing wall and better training times. I am more than excited and will try to keep you updated on new developments. I chatted with the AU that they want to open the wall for public use so they will need employees. Please let us know if you would be interested and tell us any existing qualifications and experience you may have.
4. Revision Pub Lunch and Socials  Inline images 1
Pub lunch will commence! Wednesdays at 1 pm, and socials will be posted on facebook.  See you there!
Have a great summer, do some awesome climbing and have some epic adventures! Stay safe 😉 And to those graduating- I hope we will stay in touch, you will be dearly missed.
And finally, quote of the week:
St Andrews University Mountaineering Club
The finest club around
Well I’ve spent 4 years with you guys now,
And there’s a few things I have found:
1st things 1st, when off climbing you go,
And clearly you want to come back,
You can’t go far wrong, whatever you do,
As long as you take along Jack!
Second, when you first join the club,
You may be an innocent fresher,
But with Jacob around, soon denim-clad you’ll be found,
And your drinking will never be better!
Speaking of which, 3rd must be, how many
Of these trips are hazy
We sure love to drink – from hip flask and bottle
Or a growler if you’re Hayley!
Fourthly, being President was great!
And I’m sad to see it go,
But I surely couldn’t have done a good job,
Without my vice pres, Tim Lowe
With Rasa as President, the future looks bright,
STAUMC is here to stay!
That is, of course, if we don’t lose our Committee
Like Peter, to Breakaway
With this club I’ve done so much,
I’ve laughed and been scared on every meet,
Though the fear, I’ll admit, mainly comes,
When Skylar’s in the driving seat!
So the time has come to stop rambling on,
And simply say thank you for all the years,
It’s been a blast and I’ll end with this,
To STAUMC – cheers!
-Lucy Stanfield, dinner meet speech

Committee Handover + The Repo Man is Coming

Hi guys!

  Special thanks to Tim and Alex for the spectacular cocktails last week. The pimm’s blossom is my new favourite.
  On a slightly more sober note I want to ask everyone who owes the club money to pay up by Wednesday or meet our ruthless repo man. Olly and I also have course work and other deadlines so it would be greatly appreciated if you remembered your own debts so we don’t have to send out reminders 🙂 Our club is a great value and we strive to further provide equipment and subsidies, but to do so we need the $$$$. To be fair I don’t think I have paid for the Ratho trip yet…
 Anyway, here is what’s on this week:
Did you try some routes last week and want to tick them off? Did you love climbing on our brilliant brick routes? Relish the challenge of climbing around basketball hoops? Or how about traversing a door frame? Then come on down to the wall session!
Wednesday 12th- pub lunch at whey pat 
No trip sign-ups this weekend but come along for nachos and chill. Please come armed with money for the dinner meet and if you plan on carpooling separately please pay us for the camp-site.
Also, still collecting money for last week’s cocktail night
Often members head off to Dundee for some better indoor climbing at Avertical world. Not recommended if you only  like climbing on brick and doorframes.
Great way to meet the new committee and enjoy some “top notch” meat and booze. Join us at 7.30 pm for our committee handover ceremony. Bring meat or tofu (if your’e into that)  to grill at our bondfire/bbq social. Pre-mixed gangster rap playlists are also greatly encouraged.
That’s all folks!
And now the quote of the week:
“Money can not buy you happiness but it can buy you climbing gear and that is pretty darn close. BUT YOU AINT GETTIN NO CLIMBING GEAR IF YOU DONT PAY UP”
– me
Best regards,
 P.S. I am working on making the STAUMC page and website active to reflect our achievements and show the world the cool things we do. If you happen to do anything awesome or challenging- send us a pic! We’d love to know about it.

Dinner & Alumni Meet

STAUMC Annual Dinner and Alumni Meet 2016, April 22nd-25th
Join us for a fantastic weekend camping in the beautiful Northwest of Scotland. We will be based out of the Shore Campsiteat Achmelvich Beach, north of Lochinver.

The trip will run from Friday to Monday, culminating in the traditional formal dinner on Sunday night. The trip will cost £40, plus an Additional £20 for the Dinner at the Lochinver Larder (plus drinks etc.)
There will be plenty of opportunities for great climbing and spectacular walking.
Sign-ups 1 pm at Whey Pat, Alumni can sin-up by emailing mountaineering@saints-sport.com. Hope to see you all there!

Hi guys!

We have an exciting week ahead of us, including cocktail night and sign-ups for the annual Dinner and Alumni Meet.



Did you try some routes last week and want to tick them off? Did you love climbing on our brilliant brick routes? Relish the challenge of climbing around basketball hoops? Or how about traversing a door frame? Then come on down to the wall session!

Wednesday 6th-  Dinner meet sign-up 40£, 1 pm at Whey Pat

Don’t forget to come armed with your money, as this trip may sell out fast.

STAUMC Annual Dinner and Alumni Meet 2016, April 22-25

Join us for a fantastic weekend camping in the beautiful Northwest of Scotland. We will be based out of the Shore Campsite at Achmelvich Beach, north of Lochinver.

The trip will run from Friday to Monday, culminating in the traditional formal dinner on Sunday night. The trip will cost £40, plus an Additional £20 for the Dinner at the Lochinver Larder (plus drinks etc.)

There will be plenty of opportunities for great climbing and spectacular walking.

Thursday, 7th- Cocktail night

Join us for this classy affair at 8:30 pm, 75, flat 3 South street. Dress code: formal cocktail chic. Price is 6 £ including the following unlimited cocktails::

Long Island Iced Tea
Bacardi Superior rum, Gordon’s gin, Smirnoff vodka, Cointreau, Jose Cuervo gold tequila, lemon and lime layered on Coke.

Bacardi Superior rum, sugar, lime and mint.

Cosmopolitan/ Rude Cosmo
Smirnoff vodka/ Jose Cuervo tequila, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime.

Gin Fix
Gordon’s gin, St.Germain elderflower liqueur, cranberry and apple juice.

Pimm’s Blossom

Pimm’s No. 1, St. Germain’s elderflower liqueur, lemonade and summer fruits.


Grateful Dead

Bacardi Superior rum, Smirnoff vodka, Jose Cuervo gold tequila, Gordon’s Gin, and Chambord Raspberry Liqueur.

 (Courtesy of Alex Chapman)  

Hope to see you there! Money for the cocktail night will be collected both at Whey Pat on Wednesday and at the event on Thursday.

And finally:

Quote of the week:

‘Climbers have no sense of smell.’

-Conrad Anker’s mother

Spring Break at Sainte-Victoire

Welcome back to all who climbed with us on the annual spring break climbing trip! This year the club travelled to Sainte-Victoire, France, for some breath-taking views, warm rays, and, of course, world-class sport climbing.

International expedition officer Caelan Barnes, who organised the trip, wrote of it on his blog:

“About this time a year ago I was nominated to be the “international expedition officer” for the St Andrews Mountaineering Club, which is a rather poncy sounding title that basically just entails organising an international climbing trip. At first I had many grand ideas for cool locations, but sadly I had to be brought down to earth by various logistical concerns and my ambitions were curbed dramatically. In the end I settled on a week of sport climbing in the South of France, more specifically the not particularly well known destination of St Victoire. This mountain is probably better known to art historians than it is to climbers. Over the years true masters such as Cezanne, Picasso and Kandinsky have made the mountain their subject.

The climbing on this mountain is primarily sport climbing, though frequently a light trad rack is required. Either because the bolts are spaced, or sometimes because they’re not there at all! Another thing to note about the climbing here is from my (admittedly small) experience of sport climbing the grades were massive sandbags, this was exemplified perfectly by 5+ instead of being a grade I could climb with a blindfold became a bit of a battle depending on the circumstances.”

This year’s new international expeditions officer Alex Champman is already planning STAUMC’s next spring break trip. Turkey? Greece? Morocco? We are all excited to find out.

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