Arran Dinner Meet

Last weekend, STAUMC travelled across land and sea to the Isle of Arran for our long awaited, annual dinner meet! Blue skies stayed long enough for the club to experience some spectacular views across the Sannox valley. With this being the last trip of the academic year, the club went out in style with our adorned Victorian themed attire for the meet! 

New Committee

Congratulations to our new committee!

President- Tim Lowe
Treasurer- Patrick Milne
Secretary- Claire Wever
Safety officer- Olly Hall
Social Secretary- Callum Hutchison
Gear Officer- Rory Abernethy
Meet Secretary- Peter Stewart
International Expeditions officer- Tas Vámos
Web & Publicity officer- James Mclauchlan

Wall sub-committee:
Head Wall officer- Thomas Strang
Wall officer team:
Jacob Moody
Denning Helen-Mary
Catriona McClelland
Marina Haldopoulos
Karen Pineapple
Charlotte Bansal
Isobel Mitchell
Quinn Bowman

STAUMC goes to Kalymnos


This gallery contains 10 photos.

On the annual international expedition, the club undertook an odyssey of flights, boats, and taxis to travel to this small Greek island, world-renowned as a climber’s paradise. Apart from beautiful world-class sport climbing in caves and crags, members also tried some spectacular … Continue reading

End-of-Semester Report

The St Andrews University Mountaineering Club had an exceptionally successful 2016 Fall semester. The club ran a total of 4 weekend trips and 2 day trips, accommodating a total of 106 students. STAUMC also actively participated and excelled at several regional bouldering competitions.

Glen Clova was the first trip of the year and proved to be a great venue to teach new members traditional climbing. The next weekend, members headed to Kirriemuir, one of the best sport climbing sites in the country. This trip proved to be so popular, a coach was hired to accommodate high interest.

Crianlarich was our first weekend destination. STAUMC was blessed with sunshine and the many trad climbing and hiking opportunities that the iconic Cobbler provides. Glen Coe was our second destination. Members completed the ambitious Aonach Eagach ridge as well as Curved Ridge. Glen Nevis was next on our list, where our members truly had to test their skills against the infamous Scottish winter. The isle of Skye was STAUMC’s last destination and arguably the most memorable: endless sunshine, Cuillin views, and whisky were all a perfect ending to our year.

Furthermore, memories were also made in the gym. STAUMC participated in two challenging competitions, with Charlotte Bansal winning 2nd and then 1st place in Women’s Hard categories. Rabea Kahn took 3rd place in Women’s Hard during the later competition in November. Thomas Strang won 1st place in Men’s Easy and Natasha Tkachenko won 3rd in Women’s Easy.

St Andrews University Mountaineering Club has even more to look forward to next semester. More trips, challenges, and the alumni festival weekend wall-opening are already being planned.

Weekly E-mail

Hi guys!

  Hope everyone had a great week, I can’t wait to hear stories from this weekend’s Glencoe trip.
Here’s what we have on:
Wednesday, 26th
  • Pub Lunch. 1 pm, Whey Pat.
No trip sign ups this week, but look out: next week we will open sign-ups for Steal in Glen Nevis.
  • Climbing in Dundee

    I am happy to announce that entrance to Avertical world on Wednesdays is now free for everyone who has access to  the Sports Centre and club membership. You still have to pay for the bus, but often carpool is available to Dundee. 
Saturday, 29th
* 8 pm Spooky Bonfire night at the Maiden plus a night walk on the coastal path. May evolve into par-tay. Costumes encouraged. 
Something else to look out for: 
Adrenaline Ball 2016, November 12th. 
Our annual ball dedicated to adrenaline sports- every year a shock to see mountaineers looking smart. 
And that’s me!
Quote of the week:
“Why is the crux always at the hard bit?”
El Prez

Week 4 E-mail

Hi guys,

  Sorry for the late email, my typing muscles are sore from Kirrie.
Here is what we have on this week:
 Wednesday, October 5th
   Sign ups for weekend trip to Crianlarich on the 7th- 9th of October. Great climbing and walking! For more info email pss2
Image result for cobbler mountain
  Cost of trip 35£.
Climbing in Dundee
 I am happy to announce that entrance to Avertical world on Wednesdays is now FREE for everyone who has access to  the Sports Centre. You still have to pay for the bus, but often carpool is available to Dundee.
Roped Flat Crawl!
Our premier social of the year, please stay turned for more info shortly. 
And that’s me,
Almost forgot: quote of the week:
“It’s a round trip. Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.”    — Ed Viesturs.
Best wises,

Week 3 E-mail

Hi guys!

Welcome to week 3!
Firstly I would like to announce:

Photo competition:
We are looking to display 2 photographs of members climbing or hill walking at the Athletic Union. The winner of the competition will get their photograph enlarged and displayed for all to see. This looks great in a CV if you are interested in outdoor photography and journalism. The photograph must be of the highest quality.

I would like to thank everyone who have sent in their details. We hope you will receive a test date soon.

Social Media:
Join our facebook group and like our page to grab rides to Dundee, share buzfeed articles and find out the latest updates on socials and more.

Anyway. so here is what we have on this week:
Wednesday, 28th of September

Pub lunch, 1pm.
Trip sign up- Kirriemuir! 1st Oct, 8.30 am- 7.30 pm.
Kirrie Hill offers great sport climbing and is often sunny and heavenly warm.. (Not making any promises…). Other attractions includes the super mega awesome Peter Pan play park. It is club tradition we boulder on the pirate ship, even if it means pushing some unsuspecting 6-year olds out of the way. The Camera Obscura and historic town of Kirriemuir is also worth a look.

Why are the times so specific you ask? Because due to popular demand we have hired a coach to take us all to the location. This means plenty of spaces for all. We still suggest you get to the pub nice and early armed with your money. This trip costs 12£.
Inline images 1
Climbing in Dundee, Avertical World

Many members tend to head to Dundee after pub lunch. Avertical World has plenty of top-rope climbing, lead and bouldering for all levels. People either car-pool or take the bus.

Thursday. 29th of September
Pub Social! Brew co 8 pm. Great chance to meet fellow members and committee.

And finally,
Quote of the week:
“It’s always further than it looks.
It’s always taller than it looks.
And it’s always harder than it looks.” — The 3 rules of mountaineering.
+ for Scotland: It’s always moister than it looks.
See you guys on Wednesday!

Best wishes,


Week 2 E-mail

Hi guys!

 Welcome to week 2, here is what we have on this week:
 Wednesday, September 21st
Pub Lunch at Whey Pat, 1 pm.
  Come try the famous Whey Pat nachos and sign-up for  Spring Break trip to Kalymnos. If you have any more questions regarding the trip, feel free to email ac254. Note: you will still be able to sign up for the trip later in the year, however we are trying to ensure the cheapest possible arrangements. 
Unfortunately we have had to reschedule the weekend trip to Steall.  In the meantime we are accepting sign-ups for the Glenmore lodge course 

SMART STUDENT WEEKEND 5th & 6th November 2016

. I cannot stress enough how amazing these courses are: you can literally ask and learn anything about mountaineering. Not to mention the facilities are state of the art. 
Learn more about the upcoming Smart Student weekend here:
Sign ups for this will be held at pub lunch, however feel free to email hmd5 after this time to sign up online.
Note: priority will be given to freshers and  full-time students. We rely on these courses to help inspire the next generation of active members. We still encourage JSAs and JYAs to sign up, however we hope you understand how important it is for our club to pass down knowledge and skills.
 Climbing in Dundee
 Many members will be heading to the climbing center in Dundee after pub lunch. 
Thursday 22nd 
80’s social!       Our favorite social of the year. Triple denim encouraged. 80s themed. 
9 Dempster terrace at 8.30
And finally,
quote of the week (nothing to do with mountaineering)
– “Apparently, during the ‘80s, nobody really dressed like Madonna except for Madonna.”

― Gwen Hayes

Best wishes,
Social media: 

Weekly E-mail

Hi guys!
   Preparing the photo slideshow for the sports fayre has sparked some incredible memories. I can only wonder what the new year will have to offer.
 We can already foresee some challenges. Our old climbing wall is out of use while the new wall is being constructed. We are working on scheduling outdoor training sessions and subsidized trips to Dundee and Ratho.
 Our weekend trips, however, are still up and running. Sign-ups for our first trip to Glen Clova, will take place this Wednesday.
So here’s what’s on this week:
Wednesday, September 14th
Pub Lunch at Whey Pat, 1 pm.
  Come try the famous Whey Pat nachos and sign-up for Glen Clova, 18th of September. Glen Clova offers beautiful walks, bouldering and trad climbing. 
Note that our trips do sell out quickly, so please come early and armed with cash. The cost of this day trip is 10£. You can only attend the trip if you have purchased club membership. You can purchase it online at
Climbing at Avertical World, Dundee  
After  pub lunch, people tend to head over to Dundee either by carpool or bus. Avertical World is definitely worth checking out, as it offers top-rope climbing, lead and bouldering. Do not worry if you have never climbed before, there will always be someone willing to teach.  
International Spring Break Trip Talk, 8 pm
 Our International Expeditions officer Alex will be presenting our international trip to Kalymnos. Pop by 1 Auld Burn road at 8 pm.  Check out this video about climbing in Kalymnos:
Thursday, September 15th
Social, Drouthy Neebors, 8pm. 
Come along and meet like-minded members and committee. You can only hope that Jacob doesn’t end up reading Rough and Ready.
Sunday, September 18th, Day Trip 
Our first day trip of the year! Once you sign up a detailed email with times and kit list will be sent out by Peter.
Driver Discounts and Perks! 
Our trips depend on student drivers and this is part of the reason we can keep them affordable. We ask that members who hold a driver licence complete the driver declaration form (attached) and send a copy of your driving license to
Here are the perks of driving for us:
1. -70% on all trips
2. Guaranteed place on all trips you drive on
3. No need to endure my country music playlist
Here are some FAQ:
Q: Can I drive for the club with a foreign licence?
Q: I only drive automatic. Would I be able to hire an automatic car?
Q: I feel really unconformable driving a van. Would I be able to rent a 5-seater  car instead?
Q: I feel uncomfortable driving on the left. Will the roads we drive on be busy and complicated?
A: No, because of the nature of where we go we avoid busy city roads and complicated junctions. We tend to stick to single track country asphalt roads.
Thank you for bearing with me ( I promise, other emails will me shorter 😉
 Finally, quote of the week:
 “Bloody hell, I’m going to die to Boney M”
– Joe Simpson
See you soon!