Burns Meet


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STAUMC had a successful Burns Meet in the Cairngorms without snow but with plenty of sun and wind. Traditional cutting of the haggis with an ice axe:

Spring Break at Sainte-Victoire

Welcome back to all who climbed with us on the annual spring break climbing trip! This year the club travelled to Sainte-Victoire, France, for some breath-taking views, warm rays, and, of course, world-class sport climbing.

International expedition officer Caelan Barnes, who organised the trip, wrote of it on his blog:

“About this time a year ago I was nominated to be the “international expedition officer” for the St Andrews Mountaineering Club, which is a rather poncy sounding title that basically just entails organising an international climbing trip. At first I had many grand ideas for cool locations, but sadly I had to be brought down to earth by various logistical concerns and my ambitions were curbed dramatically. In the end I settled on a week of sport climbing in the South of France, more specifically the not particularly well known destination of St Victoire. This mountain is probably better known to art historians than it is to climbers. Over the years true masters such as Cezanne, Picasso and Kandinsky have made the mountain their subject.

The climbing on this mountain is primarily sport climbing, though frequently a light trad rack is required. Either because the bolts are spaced, or sometimes because they’re not there at all! Another thing to note about the climbing here is from my (admittedly small) experience of sport climbing the grades were massive sandbags, this was exemplified perfectly by 5+ instead of being a grade I could climb with a blindfold became a bit of a battle depending on the circumstances.”

This year’s new international expeditions officer Alex Champman is already planning STAUMC’s next spring break trip. Turkey? Greece? Morocco? We are all excited to find out.

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Steall trip, Feb 2012


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Just a few pictures from my first mountaineering trip.  Attempted the Ring of Steall (key word, attempted), learned that waterproof boots still get wet when submerged during a creek crossing, played an afternoons worth of card games, ate some delicious … Continue reading

Feb Cairngorms Photos


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I have attached photos from the Cairngorms trip in February.  I thought others may like to see them as well. Sorry there are so many, I have a hard time narrowing things down!          -Heather