Alumni Page

St Andrews University Mountaineering Club Alumni page

Mailing Lists

The club currently maintains a mailing list to keep in touch with past members of the club, notifying them about the club and selected club events they may be interested in. The list is very low volume, and can be easily unsubscribed from. If you wish to sign up, send an email to

2014 Past Presidents Meet

A great gathering in Glen Coe of past presidents of STAUMC on November 8th. It was a night to be remembered with a splendid dinner and much reminiscing about adventures on the hills.

75th Anniversary Celebration

In 2009, the St Andrews University Mountaineering Club celebrated its 75th anniversary. To commemorate we organised a special meet at Glenmore Lodge, near Aviemore, on the weekend of June 20-21.

There is a selection of photos available from the weekend on request.

Honorary Officers

Hon. Patron    Dr P W F Gribbon.

Hon. President    Dr R Dyckhoff.

Hon. Vice-President    Revd J Walker.

Hon. Vice-President    Dr I de Moortel


STAUMC Past Presidents

1934-35 David N Lowe

1935-36 Charles F Griffith

1936-37 Ewen C Thomson

1937-40 George A Collie

1944-48 John D B Wilson

1946-47 Thomas Kirk

1947-48 David Livingstone

1948-50 William A W Russell

1950-51 Rev. John Ray

1951-52 Michael Haines

1952-53 A G Mitchell

1953-54 William P L Thomson

1955-56 Don McTaggart

1955-56 William Bonthrone

1956-57 Lindsay Morris

1957-58 John D Pitts

1958-59 Stan Yeoman

1959-60 W K Reay

1960-61 F Ian Wasson

1961-62 John C Wedderburn

1962-63 Bruce K Reid

1963-64 Ian Wilkinson

1964-65 Christopher S M Doake

1964-65 Blyth Wright

1964-65 William M Ledingham

1965-66 James C S Gilchrist

1966-67 Alan K Robertson

1967-68 Ron Hilditch

1968-69 William T Band

1969-70 J Neil Ross

1970-71 Robert Mutch

1971-72 Andrew Stevenson

1972-73 Ian Walton

1973-74 John P Sloan

1974-75 John F Cant

1975-76 Alan Haywood

1976-77 Colin Matheson

1977-78 Scott Peddie

1978-79 Margaret Veitch

1979-80 Jim Denny

1980-81 John Reglinski

1981-82 Kevin D Abraham

1982-83 Martin Kirkbride

1983-84 Jonathan Owen

1984-85 Dave Lomas

1985-86 Anja Ball

1986-87 Dougie Brown

1987-88 Martin Holt

1988-89 Christopher Marden

1989-90 Jill Eardley

1990-91 Tim Clancey

1991-92 Jonathan Brown

1992-93 Adam Bumby

1993-94 Paul Sanderson

1994-95 Catherine Collins

1995-96 Chris Swales

1996-97 Simon Hinchliffe

1997-98 Sophia Colley

1998-99 Gordon Osinski

1999-2000 Dr Kate Frost

2000-01 Aled Sage

2001-02 Dr John Ferris

2002-03 Gordon Bromley

2003-04 Helen Carnaghan

2004-05 Edward Cooper

2005-06 Lettie Chambers

2006-07 Richard McDonald

2007–08 Kerry Law

2008–09 James Lismore

2009-10 Fraser Leith

2010 Jack Barraclough

2010-11 Zach Wishart

2011-12 Eve Blumson

2012-13 Xiao Xian Goh

2013-14 Alex Sandulescu

2014-15 Chris Ellyatt

2015-16 Lucy Stanfield