Weekly E-mail

Hi guys!

  Hope everyone had a great week, I can’t wait to hear stories from this weekend’s Glencoe trip.
Here’s what we have on:
Wednesday, 26th
  • Pub Lunch. 1 pm, Whey Pat.
No trip sign ups this week, but look out: next week we will open sign-ups for Steal in Glen Nevis.
  • Climbing in Dundee

    I am happy to announce that entrance to Avertical world on Wednesdays is now free for everyone who has access to  the Sports Centre and club membership. You still have to pay for the bus, but often carpool is available to Dundee. 
Saturday, 29th
* 8 pm Spooky Bonfire night at the Maiden plus a night walk on the coastal path. May evolve into par-tay. Costumes encouraged. 
Something else to look out for: 
Adrenaline Ball 2016, November 12th. 
Our annual ball dedicated to adrenaline sports- every year a shock to see mountaineers looking smart. 
And that’s me!
Quote of the week:
“Why is the crux always at the hard bit?”
El Prez