Week 4 E-mail

Hi guys,

  Sorry for the late email, my typing muscles are sore from Kirrie.
Here is what we have on this week:
 Wednesday, October 5th
   Sign ups for weekend trip to Crianlarich on the 7th- 9th of October. Great climbing and walking! For more info email pss2
Image result for cobbler mountain
  Cost of trip 35£.
Climbing in Dundee
 I am happy to announce that entrance to Avertical world on Wednesdays is now FREE for everyone who has access to  the Sports Centre. You still have to pay for the bus, but often carpool is available to Dundee.
Roped Flat Crawl!
Our premier social of the year, please stay turned for more info shortly. 
And that’s me,
Almost forgot: quote of the week:
“It’s a round trip. Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.”    — Ed Viesturs.
Best wises,